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A safe and healthy workplace

We know that establishing and operating renewable energy infrastructure can be dangerous work that demands the highest health and safety standards. Caring for people is fundamental to our culture, and we work continuously towards our goal of zero injuries.

A safe and healthy work environment is a precondition for us wherever we are in the world, whether we are working on Norwegian hydropower plants, or Indian solar projects. We are committed to preventing incidents and promoting a workplace without injury or harm to our employees, business partners and local stakeholders.

Our goal is that everyone should return home safe from work for Statkraft, and that those impacted by our operations should be safeguarded. We constantly work to improve and expand our internal and external initiatives related to health and safety.

We believe a safe working environment is a matter of choice, not chance 

Initiatives to preventing incidents

Constructing 250 meter high wind turbines, installing solar panels across vast areas, and maintaining immense hydropower structures in remote areas, are complex projects. There are risks involved with much of our work. Typical risks arise from our construction projects, operations and maintenance work, as well as from our presence in specific geographical locations, travel and other business activities. Sadly, we have registered both fatalities and serious injuries the last years. Our improvement programme, Powered by Care, program was launched in 2015 and it is continuously developed and improved to strengthen our HSSE culture and results.

Health and safety key figures for 2021 for Statkraft's employees and contractors

Fatalities 0
Serious injuries 7
Total recordable injuries 96
TRI rate 3,6

As the world transitions to renewable energy systems and our projects increase in size and number, we want to lead the industry with exemplary health and safety standards. A safe and healthy workplace is not only vital for those who work for and with us; we also recognise that health and safety guarantee our ability to create economic value through high levels of employee engagement, well-being and productivity.

To promote health and safety we focus on establishing a company culture based on care, transparency, clear requirements and continuous improvement. This requires commitment and strong engagement from managers as well as employees.

Expectations and norms regarding health and safety can vary across countries, so we rely on our company culture to align and protect our people and stakeholders. Where business practices are not meeting our standards and goals, we encourage employees to flag areas for improvement and take correctional actions through inclusive problem-solving. In Albania, we rolled out a tailored “safety bootcamp” in cooperation with local managers to equip employees with the knowledge and awareness necessary for enhancing their health and safety on the ground.

Our Powered by Care program is a continuous effort to monitor performance, learn about current challenges and improvement opportunities, and implement preventative measures to avoid injuries and any other types of harm. An internal e-learning platform and award scheme encourages activities that improve health and safety across the organisation, and this also promotes knowledge sharing within and between different teams.

Community health and safety

We have a responsibility to protect local communities living in the vicinities of our energy infrastructure. As our hydropower operations often come into close proximity with communities and can pose risks to their well-being, dam safety measures are an essential part of our work. These measures are based on legal and regulatory requirements, but we are also cooperating closely with communities to ensure that they are aware of any safety risks posed by our operations, allowing them to take the necessary preventative measures in their daily lives. In Turkey, we collaborated with local schools to teach children about the local reservoir and the associated risks.

Man teaching a class of children
Photo: Alf Berg

Safety on the timetable in Turkey.

Life Saving Rules

Certain activities account for the majority of the serious incidents in our work. To reduce the risk of serious injuries and fatalities, we have implemented clear safety rules for specific high-risk activities. In addition to the activity specific rules, we use the Safe work basics that apply to many different situations in our daily lives.
  • Icon illustrating our Life Saving rules for driving


    I drive safely, use the seat belt and stay focused

  • Icon illustrating our Life Saving rules for work at heights

    Work at heights

    I use personal fall protection equipment if working at height outside a protective environment

  • Icon representing our Life Saving rules for work with energised systems

    Energised systems

    I ensure that energy sources are identified, controlled and isolated

  • Icon illustrating our Life Saving rules for work in confined space

    Confined space

    I ensure that the atmosphere is tested and a stand by person is in place before entering

  • Icon illustrating our Life Saving rules for safe work basics

    Safe work basics

    I care for my own and others’ safety and wellbeing

  • Icon illustrating our Life Saving rules for lifting operations

    Lifting operations

    I ensure that no one is in the drop zone of a suspended load

  • Icon illustrating our Life Saving rules for heavy mobile equiptment

    Heavy mobile equipment

    I maintain a safe distance between people and moving equipment

  • Icon illustrating our Life Saving rules for ground work

    Ground works

    I check that the work area is supported to prevent ground movement and declared safe before entering

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